The Help You Need For Prescription Drug Addiction

What Are Your Rehabilitation Options

co-codamol addiction


Drug addiction and side effects from certain drugs depend on your age, severity of the condition being treated and patient’s response to the drug. Severe and troublesome side effects and abnormal reactions should be reported immediately to a medical practitioner. Co Codamol is an analgesic painkiller that contains Codeine as the active ingredient. Despite being readily available as an over-the counter drug, prescription from a health care provider is paramount. Your tolerance to codeine tends to build up quickly meaning that you need to adjust your dosage upwards to obtain the same effect. This leads to Codeine addiction that gets daunting to survive without the drug. There are various channels you can use to recover from this addiction, but the following are the most common avenues.

• Rehabilitation

To undergo a successful Codeine addiction rehabilitation, the centre must determine the reason why you are abusing the drug. Since Co Codamol addiction involves mental, physical and emotional harm, rehabilitation may make use of different components. Group therapy is where addicts spend time together sharing their life experiences and objectives. Counselling is when an addict is involved in a face to face session with a profession discussing various issues affecting the addict’s life.

• Detoxification

Commonly known as detox, detoxification is a treatment aimed at ensuring the addict is free from Co Codamol addiction within a couple of days. It can either involve an intervention or a non-intervention strategy. Intervention involves sedation of the addict and he/she sleeps through most of the time in the first few days of therapy. Sedation may last for 3 to 4 days where the withdrawal symptoms are tolerated. Non-intervention involves withdrawal of the medication without any medical assistance.

How do you know you are addicted to Codeine?

Signs and symptoms of Co Codamol addiction may vary from one patient to the other depending on a couple of factors. However, some of the common symptoms that indicate codeine addiction include;

• Low blood pressure

• Sexual dysfunction

• Blurred vision

• Continued use and repeated request for Co Codamol prescription

• Depression

• Liver and/or kidney damage and

• Constipation, nausea and/or diarrhoea