About Us

I‘m passionate about helping people transform from being victims to being happy and in control.

I was bullied constantly at school. I wasn’t able to stop it and couldn’t find anyone to help me. My parents didn’t believe me, or thought I was exaggerating. My teachers that I told were well intentioned but didn’t know how to help me, and any friends I had were also unable to help – often because, if they did, they would be inviting the bullies to pick on them as well.

Once I left school, I was overjoyed to discover that people didn’t bully me any more. And it was only then that I realised that the bullying at school had nothing to do with me whatsoever. It was always about the bully and what they got out of it. And I realised that I could have had a brilliant time at school if only I knew how to react to each bullying situation and even how to make the bullies avoid me altogether.

Then, when I was an adult someone close to me started to bully me. That was it….I was determined to figure out the answers. How do I stop someone from bullying me? How can any person being bullied stop it from happening?

I discovered that there were no specific courses in how to stop bullying (something I am changing). So I had to create my own education programme. I read loads of psychology books. Many of which I found to be good in theory but didn’t necessarily explain how to convert their information into practical skills. Others were excellent. I love reading about psychological experiments which prove how automatic and irrational human behaviour can be. This lead me to create many of my own experiments where I was able to create and refine my own techniques.

I went on many workshops and seminars (none of which were specific to bullying but I thought they could help). I’ve been on every course from hypnosis to fire walking and I’ve put together the best and most relevant concepts to create a series of techniques that will work for absolutely anyone. I offer you the skills which will make sure that no one can ever bully you again.

I am a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Paul McKenna Training Ltd.).
I am registered with Disclosure Scotland (CRAB checked)